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Луцьк та область
Львів та область
Мукачеве та область
Івано-Франківськ та область
Тернопіль та область
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Чернігів та область
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  • ПП Стоцкая Я.А.
    Промринок 7 км
    2-га площ. вул. Голуба,
    конт. 41-75, 3-я площ.
    вул. Серая, конт.17-50к
    вул. Базовая, склад №39
    тел.: (050) 495 50 47
  • Phone: (097) 065 14 74
  • Email:
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Харків та область
In Ukraine and Russia, the company's products are included in the assortment portfolio of national networks:

Distributors are interested in working with us, because we offer goods in bulk from the manufacturer on the most favorable terms. The feedback from our customers confirms that we can buy products of European level at favorable prices. You can leave a request for more information about the distribution and price of products.

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